Why is the ClearMask™ important?

55% of communication is non-verbal. We often depend on facial expressions and visual cues when we communicate with others. We as humans are highly attuned to facial expressions and emotions, even on a subconscious level. Imagine what others miss when you cover your face with a standard surgical mask. 

The ClearMask, with its full-face transparent window, helps improve communication for everyone. The ability to see others' facial expressions and emotions enhances the patient-provider relationship and course of care. When individuals are able to see each other's faces and smiles, outcomes such as patient satisfaction, trust, and health improve.¹ ² ³

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Where can I buy a ClearMask™?

Pre-order now to be among the first to receive the ClearMask. 

What types of the ClearMask™ do you offer?

We offer both ear loop and tie-on versions of the ClearMask. When you pre-order, you can specify which type(s) you would like to purchase.  

Is ClearMask™ FDA approved?

We are currently fundraising to enter the FDA approval process.

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Where is ClearMask™ made?

ClearMask is manufactured in the United States with American-sourced materials.

How can I purchase in bulk for my organization?

Please contact sales@theclearmask.com for a representative to assist you.

How can I receive updates about the ClearMask™?

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Are hospitals and doctors required to provide ClearMask™?

Under both the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Affordable Care Act, healthcare entities are required to provide effective accommodations upon request, including auxiliary aids. The ClearMask is an auxiliary aid.

If you would like assistance in bringing ClearMask to your healthcare organization, please contact us.

How can I help?

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