ClearMask Wins Johns Hopkins “Shark Tank” Competition

ClearMask gave a pitch at the Johns Hopkins Anesthesiology and Critical Care's "Shark Tank" competition, winning with 74% of the popular vote and beating out 5 other teams of professors.

In medicine, standard surgical masks block full facial expressions and prevent clear communication. Our solution, the ClearMask, is the first, full-face transparent facemask that can help reduce medical errors from miscommunication while increasing disability compliance and patient/provider satisfaction and comfort.

Facial expressions and visual cues are universal, and are especially important in communication for the deaf and hard of hearing, children, people with limited English proficiency, older people, people with anxiety, and so much more. When individuals are able to see their families’ and providers’ faces and facial expressions, trust, patient satisfaction, and perceived empathy increase, helping establish rapport and fostering human connection.


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