Making Healthcare More Human™



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See the person, not the mask.

The ClearMask’s patent-pending, full-face transparent surgical mask makes healthcare more human by improving visual communication for more compassionate, inclusive connections.

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How does the ClearMask™ help patients and providers?

Reduces anxiety in stressful situations

“For any patient coming into an Emergency Department or any stressful situation in the hospital, they often have a crowd of people around them, and surgical masks can be very stressful, intimidating, and scary. Just taking that simple barrier away and replacing it with the ClearMask can make a huge difference in reducing anxiety.” - Emily M., Shock Trauma Nurse

Improves access to vital communication

“By wearing a standard surgical mask, we’re immediately placing a communication barrier between ourselves and our patients, especially those who rely heavily on visual communication, including deaf and hard of hearing individuals. The masks block visual cues—including facial expressions, lip-reading, and emotions—all of which are critical for deaf and hard of hearing people to fully communicate and participate in the course of care. The ClearMask reduces miscommunication and confusion, while adhering to safety and infection control protocol.” - Dr. Zachary Featherstone, Pediatrics and Family Medicine

Decreases fear in children

“Children especially need to know what’s happening, if they should feel scared or happy. They often look to their parents or doctors for additional information, but surgical masks block the face and create significant anxiety. The ClearMask can really provide access and help them understand their surroundings, such as finally seeing their parents or doctor smiling, and knowing that it will be okay.” - Jennifer R., Pediatric Neuropsychologist

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